The Confederate Flag and Clinton County

When I go to town, I pass several Confederate flags, including one in the cemetery at Tylersville. I realize that people have every right to fly this flag, but I feel that unless there is an actual confederate veteran buried there, we should not have this flag there.

My second great-grandfather, Meredith Branch Thurman who was born in Virginia, fought at Gettysburg and died at Chester Station, Va. I do not know if he believed in the cause he was fighting for, but I do known that he went AWOL several times so he could return to the woman he loved. In the end, he was killed in service of the Confederacy.

While at Gettysburg, my great-grandfather, Frank McFate, served in the Union Army. Frank McFate’s son married Mabel Thurman Pace, who was Meredith Thurman’s granddaughter. I think that both of my grandfathers deserve my respect and if I choose, I could fly both flags.

Unfortunately, my feeling about the Confederate flag is objectionable to many people of this country and, in respect to them, I choose not to fly it. In a perfect world as citizens we should try to understand and respect other people’s views. I suggest that the flag in the cemetery be removed.