Trump’s silent majority

There was little question heading to election day that Donald Trump’s slim path to the White House rans through Pennsylvania. In a state where Mitt Romney faded heading into the homestretch, the man at the top of this election’s ticket aggressively narrowed the gap. His biggest hope for a win was those of us who prefer not to openly identify as belonging to his basket of “deplorables” when prompted by pollsters and friends alike, yet who nonetheless have his back.

We are those complicated right-leaning voters who have held our heads high when proclaiming to the world that we cast our primary ballot for the noble John Kasich, while secretly ruminating over having made a less desirable choice.

We are those pesky Republicans who have decided to prioritize party above character with the hopes that our silent backing can tilt the U.S. Supreme Court in our favor.

We are those cynical conservatives who have listened to pundits and commentators on all sides tear our candidate apart and fear permanent damage to our reputation, should the truth be revealed. We are those Pennsylvanians who were the cause of a President Trump on election night. Just don’t blame us.