Why I’m voting for Mike Hanna – again!


Mill Hall

I’ve known Mike Hanna since our high school days.

We grew up in the Lock Haven area together. I can honestly say that Mike has not changed from those days in school. He’s been a community leader throughout the years serving on clubs like the Lock Haven Lions and Jaycees.

Mike knows the needs and concerns of our community, but Mike certainly doesn’t stop at the borders of Lock Haven or, for that matter, Clinton County. He knows the needs and concerns of the 76th District.

Mike is extremely dedicated to the district and his constituents. I know this for a fact. You see, Mike and I and many other close friends always reach out to Mike to go hunting or go fishing only for us to receive the answers of, “Well, I’d like to fellas, but I’m going to this meeting over there,” or, “I can’t because I need to talk with these folks over here.”

He is very, very dedicated!  He really does care about all the communities in the 76th District.

Mike has fought to keep the cost of our hunting and fishing licenses affordable, unlike Stephanie Borowicz, who wants to raise these costs. Also, Mike is 100 percent in favor of our Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms. He is endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

Mike Hanna has the knowledge and experience needed to continue to effectively represent and fight for Clinton County and the 76th District. Please vote for a proven leader, Mike Hanna.