You must choose

We are faced with a terrible choice in this year’s Presidential election. On the one hand, we have a career politician who has been accused by political opponents of making corrupt deals, which has never been proven, attacking her husband’s mistresses (I’m shocked), and meeting with foreign countries as secretary of state. Hillary Clinton was quizzed for 11 hours by a Congressional committee called up for the expressed purpose of discrediting her politically. She has repeatedly been called a liar because, her accusers say, she has refused to confess to the crimes she was accused of, even though nothing was ever proven.

On the other hand, we have Donald Trump. He is a “successful” businessman who bankrupted six companies and lost almost $1 billion as the house in a casino. He’s been sued 3,500 times by contractors, employees, partners, investors whom he cheated and victims of his scams. He was fined for using undocumented Polish workers to build Trump Tower, then sued by them when he refused to pay them. He’s running on hatred and fear and making promises the courts, the military and Congress won’t let him keep. He talks about bringing back jobs, but he has no logical plan to do this. He will cut taxes for himself and people like him. There is no real third choice. If you don’t vote or throw your vote away on someone who has no chance, you don’t get to complain about whom you get.

People who have worked with Hillary over the years are campaigning for her. No one who has dealt with Donald wants anything to do with him. The big reason to vote for Hillary is the Republican platform. Republicans in the House and Senate will run the show, and they already laid out what they want to do in their party platform: Tax cuts for the top 1 percent, repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with whatever the insurance companies want. They want to deregulate Wall Street so they can trash your 401(k) again, and privatize Social Security so that all you have is your trashed 401(k). They want to turn Medicare into a cash grants so insurance companies can decide your coverage.