ACA repeal redux

No one should support a repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) unless the replacement legislation is significantly better.

The replacement law should provide insurance coverage for more people, not fewer than the existing law. The replacement’s insurance plans should cover all the essential services. The replacement should result in more affordable premiums and deductibles. Finally, the historic practices surrounding preexisting conditions should remain prohibited, and children under 26 should be able to remain on parental plans.

A vote to repeal the ACA that does not meet these promises of candidate Donald Trump, is not acceptable. The measure of health insurance legislation must be its impact on coverage and the health of people not its impact on taxes.

If Congress is going to again try to repeal the ACA, it needs to get it right. As a Republican, I am angry with the GOP, because of its continued failure to put people ahead of money and country ahead of party.

I am frustrated as a constituent because every time I write to Pennsylvania U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey regarding matters important to me in his representation of me, I get back generic position letters filled with platitudes that do not answer my questions or even acknowledge my opinion.

Since my direct correspondences have not gotten the senator\’s attention I though I would pose this question in public in hope of eliciting an actual response rather than talking points from him.

Sen. Toomey, how can you possibly represent us if you cannot hear us to discern our needs and expectations?

Do you represent all Pennsylvanians or only those who voted for you?