Not very healing



Thank you, Mr. Marlin D. Lilley Jr., for you letter.

I am curious: How do conservatives like yourself discern who is “truly poor” from those who “select to be poo?”

Speaking as a liberal, poor is poor. There is “able” and then there is “disable.”

You see, my letter was a response to a letter on “entitlement addiction.”

A lot of government programs are often referred to as entitlements.

Social Security was a very progressive program, and another letter writer said it was developed by liberal politicians only to get people to vote for them. That writer said it is a “progressive entitlement” and therefore “addictive.”

It makes no difference who paid into it or not; you are taking resources to fund an addictive program to get votes, that letter writer insisted. This is what that person wrote: “Ever more resources from productive elements of society go to entitlements and people are tempted to take advantage of the entitlements they are paying for.” So Mr. Lilley, if you are retired and collecting government benefits like that letter writer and myself, then you, too, are apparently addicted to entitlements.

The difference is, you don’t vote for the progressives who made Social Security possible even though you willingly take advantage of it, but I do.

By the way, Social Security income, as well as Medicare, are not entitlements, they are benefits. I believe that conservatives are a little too loose using the word “eentitlements.”

Meanwhile, another protest against President Trump, this time for failing to release his income tax forms as promised during his campaign. Of course, President Trump went to Twitter and vented yet again. He wants to know who is paying these people because he won big with the Electoral College.

There is another way to look at this. President Trump’s efforts to get Americans back to work is finally working, what does it matter if it is protesting against him.

Let us clear up a misconception, the protestors are not all Democrats and liberals, there are also people who supported and voted for him and he is losing more and more supporters as the days go by.