The O’Reilly massacre

George Soros’ Media Matters has struck it rich by getting rid of Roger Ailes of Fox News and removing Bill O’Reilly from television. They do this by capitalizing on social justice issues (sexual harassment) and threatening advertisers for supporting these “mashers,” as they were called in my parent’s day.

In O’Reilly’s case, the women were said to be fearful for their jobs if they spoke up.

The difference between today and the “good old days” is that women objected to the man noticing their good looks and told them to back off. Today they run to the nearest lawyer and get the man fired while suing their employer, thereby making the lawyer richer and then having her name “dragged through the mud.”

Already the last two women who claimed harassment are said to at least “know” Hillary Clinton … talk about dragged through the mud.

I have watched these women on Fox News and they look to be strong, hard-news reporters.] If ALL of them at Fox would have confronted O’Reilly, I’m sure this would have ended differently, but the Soros group smelled “blood in the water” and went for the kill..

Mr. O’Reilly can be a bully, no doubt about it, and yes he made this happen, but in a litigious society, males vocalizing their approval of a woman’s looks in a harmless way shouldn’t be cause for lawyers and lawsuits.

I make these remarks as, one, not on the inside, and two, not an attractive woman who gets noticed by approving men every day. Men and women ARE different. Neither will ever understand the thought processes of the other.