When will it end?

He is still in office, going back on everything he promised, pretty much, when running for office. He has traveled and played golf more than Obama ever did. He’s costing you and me millions just at Mar-a-Lago alone. If he keeps going, he will have wasted more tax dollars on his golfing and traveling in one year than Obama spent in his two terms combined.

He’s going to allow coal waste, etc., to be on going into our waterways. Say goodbye to your favorite fishing hole. Remember how so many of you complained about how you used to fish at a certain location and then it was gone? Now things are improving and you can again fish there. Get ready to say goodbye to that, once again.

Look out for World War III. I’m not saying it is going to happen, but if he keeps things up, be prepared. Over 100 days and I have yet to get an answer on why, if he is touting “Buy American” and “Only Produce in America,” why hasn’t he and his family businesses moved things back to this country?

And now there’s a security problem with Chinese steel. It didn’t seem to bother him when he used it in construction of some of his buildings. Why isn’t Hillary Clinton in prison? I guess he doesn’t want to push that issue as he is the one paying out millions for his alleged illegal activities with his so-called university and his so-called foundation. Who knows what more is out there.

I’m still waiting for his tax returns, which he promised to release. He does not want us to know. Say what you will, but if he has nothing to hide, bring it out into the open so we know he doesn’t have any conflicts with his businesses and with other countries. And don’t’ give me the excuse that he is under audit. He has already been stated that does not affect him releasing his returns. His so-called trust, being run by his children, is a joke. Who of you out there really think they won’t and don’t discuss business with him?

It’s about time all of us come to the reality of exactly what is happening in our country. Forget the so-called fake news, the negativity out there, which is normal for any president to endure. Most usually handle it better than him. Face it. He is egotistical, and loves those who praise him and those who don’t are ridiculed, called names and are “stupid,” among other things and words not printable here. He and the others are bullying to get what they want.

If he doesn’t, he threatens to see you don’t get re-elected, etc. Yep, that is what I want in a president. Yet, you say that is why you elected him? OK, that is fine and dandy. But are you willing and ready to send your sons, daughters, grandchildren, etc. to war because he doesn’t want to compromise or tweets idiotic stuff at 3 a.m., inciting hatred among the people of this country and the world?

When are you going to see jobs that are being created have been ongoing for the last few years and he had nothing to do with it? When are you going to realize that he likes to talk about something, take credit for it, yet he had little or nothing to do with it? If it is something not good in his eyes, then it was somebody else’s fault. When are you going to see through all the falseness and realize he is for himself and no one else? Already taking from the poor so the rich can get richer. This has been ongoing for years and yet, how many of you have profited from his or the Republicans’ policies? Have you seen your wealth increase? If so, did it increase on the level of the very rich? I didn’t think so. It’s time to bite the bullet and call for his resignation or impeachment before he has a chance to do even more damage to our country and the world.