Build that wall



A lot has been said for quite a while about the pros and cons of building a wall on the border between Mexico and the U.S.A. Much of it is just noise on both sides with rhetoric that clouds the reality of the truth of the matter, which is that the U.S.A. is a sovereign nation with the right and more importantly the duty to protect its borders!

The President has the obligation to the country to enforce the laws and protect its citizens.

For many decades, illegal immigrants have been a hot political topic.

Even President Ronald Reagan got hoodwinked by the Democrats and agreed to amnesty for those who were here in exchange for tough border security that never came!

I believe there is no dispute among honest people that President Obama just about destroyed the immigration policy in this country by allowing countless people to cross the borders without repercussions, in spite of the enormous consequences to the legal citizens who are here!

How is it that anyone who is deported can somehow not only get back into this country, but go through multiple deportations?

How is it that crimes committed by people who have no rights to be here go unpunished time and time again?

Part of the rhetoric is to say that all illegal aliens in this country must be rounded up and deported, but the truth is that even those caught committing crimes are not always deported either.

People say they commit fewer crimes than citizens, but if they were not here in the first place, they would not be able to commit ANY crimes!

One argument is that many of them work and pay taxes, but how is that possible without a legal Social Security number?

Another argument is that they are doing jobs most Americans won’t do. Well, the same argument was made for slavery in the South!

An economy that depends on slavery is no different than an economy that depends on underpaid migrants!

So now it appears that, since Donald Trump has become President, illegal border crossings have been reduced by half or more.

Many people are saying not to bother with the expense of building a wall, it is too expensive. But the fact is that, if a wall is not built now, it will not get built at all, and this illegal alien problem will not be solved at all no matter what is promised!

The previous commander-in-chief was derelict in his duty to enforce the laws of the land.

President Trump, do your job and build that wall! Make sure the next President does not have to solve this problem.