I support James ‘Butch’ Knauff



On Nov. 7, I encourage you to make your vote count and select James “Butch” Knauff for the Keystone Central School Board. I know there is a cry for change in the KCSD, but for the following reasons change would not be beneficial to the District IX seat on the board. Butch has served the Renovo community for the past nine years. Butch has always placed the needs of the children, the students of KCSD and especially those attending Bucktail Area High and Renovo Elementary first and foremost. Butch has served on numerous school district committees to include: Chairman of the Finance Committee, chairman of the Property Committee, member of the Curriculum, Athletic and Personnel committees. He has also served as board president for the past two years.

Remember, the District IX seat is only one vote; Central Mountain representatives have eight votes. Butch has built up a lot of clout amongst fellow board members to get things done for our schools. Don’t let this go to waste. I would like to set the record straight in a few areas of concern. Despite the falsehoods and propaganda that are currently swirling around the Renovo area about Butch. He has never been in favor of the consolidation of the Bucktail Campus into Central Mountain High School. He does not receive $500 a month for his position on the board. He receives ZERO dollars. He is not responsible for the financial woes of the district.

Butch has accomplished many milestones during his time on the school board. He is responsible for over $10 million worth of upgrades and renovations to Bucktail Area High and Renovo Elementary schools, including: A new state of the art chemistry lab, new lights on the football field and tennis courts, the renovation of both gymnasiums, paving of the oval, new sidewalks, more faculty and staff at Bucktail and Renovo Elementary, more educational opportunities available to students through innovative, modern techniques and the latest and best curriculum available, both hands on instructions and on-line classes, just to mention a few.

Butch has dedicated his life volunteering to serve the greater Renovo area. He is a lifelong member of the Citizens Hose Co. In the past he has served as a member of the Flaming Foliage Committee, president-coach of Renovo Little League Baseball, board member of the Western Clinton County Recreation Authority, and an EMT with FAST Ambulance.

His dedication within KCSD is unmatched. He is an avid supporter of Bucktail athletics. I can’t remember a time when he wasn’t in attendance at a Bucktail game. He works the concession stands, member and sells tickets for the booster clubs, currently working behind the scenes trying to save the Renovo Elementary Basketball Program. He spends every Saturday during January, February, and March organizing this program getting coaches, referees, cleaning the gym, running the scoreboard, and buying uniforms. I have attended numerous KCSD functions over the past 18 years and I have never seen his opponent, Mr. Eric Probert, volunteer a single hour of his time to the district.

As a lifelong resident of Western Clinton County, Butch recognizes the importance of Bucktail Area High and Renovo Elementary Schools to the survival of our area. He knows that we must do whatever it takes to ensure that we maintain our schools. With Butch’s experience, education, and dedication, he is the best choice for Region IX, Keystone Central School Board of Directors.