Are we really going to do nothing?


Cogan Station

Gerrymandering, the process of drawings political boundaries to partisan advantage, has been in the news lately due to a number of legal challenges to the practice both at the federal and state levels.

House Bill 722 and Senate Bill 22 seek to replace our Commonwealth’s current law, which allows the political parties and the politicians to choose which voters get to vote for them, with independent citizen commissions.

House Bill 722 has 29 Republican co-sponsors!

However, neither Rep. Jeff Wheeland nor Rep. Garth Everette are on board.

Absent a change to current law, and in anticipation that the makeup of our Commonwealth’s Supreme Court will remain unchanged and lean Democratic through the next Census, the Democratic Party will have the advantage when it comes time to redraw the boundaries. Are we really going to sit back, do nothing, and hand the redistricting process over to the Democrats? Rep. Wheeland and Rep. Everett can and should co-sponsor HB 722 and forever put the power to draw our Commonwealth’s political boundaries back into the hands of the people.