Finding a priceless picture



Someone on your staff did a very kind thing for me. Unfortunately, I did not get her name — but I am hoping this letter of thanks and appreciation gets her attention.

I live in Edinboro (near Erie),

My mother was the very first Miss Renovo in 1947 and was also lead majorette in the high school band. Betty Brookens.

I still have some remaining relatives in Renovo, who have informed me my mother’s band picture was in the Express Aug. 12 of this year but (they) misplaced it.

I was lucky enough to have a woman answer the phone at The Express and send me a copy. It is now laminated and in a frame.

My mother passed away April 8, 2004.

I am 66.

The newspaper article and picture are priceless to me and I will be forever grateful to the woman at The Express that took the time to make a stranger so happy.

(Editor’s Note: Thank you for your very kind letter. You are welcome. It was our pleasure! Our staff routinely provide this kind of service to our readers and we’re honored to do it!)