I support Judge Joseph ‘Satch’ Sanders


Lock Haven

Compassionate, educated, experienced, and fully qualified — are the reasons I recommend Judge Sanders’ re-election for magisterial district court judge.

Affectionately known as “Satch,” he is a genuinely nice person who cares about people.

For the past 18 years, Judge Sanders has performed his position as magisterial district judge with concern and care for the people he serves while upholding the laws of Pennsylvania. For 37 years, he has served our community as a volunteer firefighter, police officer, sports supporter, a member and past president of Lock Haven Lions Club, and member and past president of the Sons and Daughters of Italy. Satch really cares about the citizens of Clinton County.

The district magistrate hears cases regarding small-claims court, felony, misdemeanor, preliminary hearings and traffic violations. He has the training and qualifications to serve as judge. Satch has trained at the police academy, served as a police officer, holds certifications from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, and possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in secondary education social sciences. I enthusiastically recommend Judge Joseph L. Sanders III’s re-election as magisterial district court judge.