Impressed with ‘City driving people out’



I was impressed with the letter to the editor in The Express titled, “City driving people out,” as well as the lady who has become a victim of circumstances beyond her control. This is happening to thousands of senior citizens in this country.

This lady is working two jobs in order to survive, while paying $750 a month rent along with monthly bills of necessity, which effects all of us, whether we rent or own our homes.

In addition to this outrageous $750 a month rent, she is faced with a $1.50 a day for a parking meter because of having no other place to park within a reasonable distance of her apartment. Upon signing her lease she was told she had a free off-street parking spot. It is now nearly impossible for her to make use of this space because the distance is a hardship.

In December 2016, City Council voted to increase the street meter rates and double the price of a parking permit. For this problem I have this to say: In my book there isn’t an apartment or home in Clinton County that is worth $750 a month, no matter how large or small either would be.

Our state and federal governments are billions of dollars in debt, but our elected leaders continue to live high on the hog because they go uncontrolled. This follows down the chain of commands to our local country and townships because it was developed into nothing less than a game of “follow the leader” from our capital in D.C. all the way down to our local school districts in every country of our Commonwealth. Our increase in Social Security checks amounts to about $2.50 a month for those who receive the lowest amount. If things were done right in this concocted country of ours — when Social Security became a part of our democracy — then all retirees on Social Security would receive the same amount of raises. No favoritism or partiality should be shown as things have always been.

I say wake up America. This small raise in Social Security isn’t even enough to buy a quart of string beans from a local farmer, which is now $3.60 a quart. For the more fortunate is is nothing but we who are on fixed incomes, this is something we are forced to cross off our list.

I could write a book concerning this subject, however I will only voice my opinion concerning what is happening in Clinton and Lycoming counties. If we can’t alter right from wrong, then we will all go down together when the boat sinks. My condolences go out to the lady living in an apartment in the City of Lock Haven.

For the owner of this apartment, I cannot put into words how I feel.