Not in my book



So, GQ magazine names Colin Kaepernick its “citizen of the year.”

Puke. I wouldn’t use that magazine to line a bird cage.

While he has the right in this great country to protest, wear socks depicting cops as pigs, and disrespect my flag, he is no “citizen of the year.”

Not in my book. When I see his face, I turn away or turn the channel.

My citizen of the year is Cpl. Rob Jones, a Marine who lost both legs while serving his country with true honor and distinction, unlike Bowe Bergdahl, who pled guilty for desertion, and despite what Susan Rice said on Sunday talk shows.

Cpl. Jones just completed running 31 marathons in 31 days, raising money for various Veterans’ charities.

Now that’s my kind of Citizen of the Year. This is the kind of true gentleman we should want our youth to emulate.

By the way, that’s 812 miles with prosthetics, far more than the yards gained by Kaepernick on two good legs.

Way to go Rob! Salute!