Our community lost a good man


Mill Hall

I just opened a letter from UPMC Susquehanna dated Nov. 3 announcing that Dr. Zeferino Martinez will no longer be practicing medicine at Lock Haven Hospital. (UPMC Susquehanna Lock Haven).

Dr. Martinez is a very good orthopedic surgeon and something that the Greater Lock Haven and Jersey Shore areas has been without for a long long time.

I hope that UPMC isn’t going to simply make Lock Haven an appointment center and force patients and their families to make trips to their other campuses for surgeries. I certainly don’t know if this move was a professional decision by Dr. Martinez or a contract stalemate under the new management.

It isn’t any of my business to know. Whatever the reason was, the outcome is the loss of a good man and surgeon no longer practicing at our local hospital.

And that is a shame.

Thank you Dr. Martinez.

Thank you for coming to Lock Haven and I wish you and yours the very best in the future.