Our leaders


Lock Haven

Here we are again, folks. Another COLA (cost of living adjustment) for our fearless leaders in Harrisburg.

Apparently, they are in dire need of money to pay their property taxes. They may be in dire need of money to put food on their tables.

In any case, here we go again.

They can’t balance a budget.

They get umpteen paid holidays and vacation pay.

They get paid if they work or not and their healthcare plan is one that we would love to have if only someone else paid for it.

The corruption, kick backs, and sleeping with special interests are all still full steam ahead in Harrisburg.

Both parties are a disgrace to our state!

If you want to get rich folks, become a politician.

We have senior citizens losing their American Dream because of property taxes.

Many people are living paycheck to paycheck, but still our lawmakers get their COLA.

How many people out their would love to get a COLA?

I know I would.