Political correctness kills


Lock Haven

Tuesday was a bad day for America. A terrorist killed innocent lives.

We know that now. However, probably like most Americans I was unaware of the specifics of what took place in New York City until I got home from work to turn on or read the news.

Before I got a chance to do my own research, I was with a group of friends-all of us “millennials,” and I happen to be the only conservative, Donald Trump supporter among them. The topic of the terror attack naturally came up in conversation.

Still yet unaware of the complete details, I assumed what my friends were describing was accurate.

According to them, a “homegrown,” white gunman attacked some New Yorkers. I’m sure they were not intentionally wrong, but as soon as I did my own checking, they were in fact wrong or partially wrong on all three counts.

The terrorist in New York City on Oct. 31 was from Uzbekistan. He was in the United States thanks to a “diversity visa” — something our President would like to end. He was neither white, nor homegrown. Although carrying firearms, he slaughtered eight innocents by mowing them down in a truck.

The man publicly pledged allegiance to ISIS prior to the attack and eyewitness accounts confirm he shouted “Allahu Akbar” before New York’s finest sent him to his demise.

The two points here are: 1) Fake news is dangerous and is easily spread by a generation that has grown up during the past 30 years of failed policies by failed politicians of both political parties, and without history, or at least real history, being taught in schools. 2) Political correctness kills! Just ask the people of Paris, Nice, London, Berlin, Hamburg, Quebec, Barcelona, San Bernardino, etc. After all, mass murderer Mao Zedong coined the term to suppress free speech.

Terrorism today can come in many forms, but for those of us who put our nation’s sovereignty, security, and indeed its citizens first, we are not afraid to call out radical Islamic terrorism, the overwhelming perpetrator of global terror, by name for what it is and we should all thank God — millennials included — we have a President who does the same.