On Oct. 7, Phil Underwood wrote that there are two “foundational principles” of our American government. He claims that conservatives are bent on preserving these principles and then does not tell us how they are currently doing so.

He states they are limited government and individual liberty.

What about representative government, federalism and a separation of powers with checks and balances?

What happen to the principles of equality and private property rights? Is Mr. Underwood saying that only two foundational principles of our government are worth preserving?

The writer made this statement, “Our government was subservient to the individual, not the other way around.” Our government is for the people, it is subservient to all the people in the United States.

Mr. Underwood did not make a case that government is no longer subservient to the people of America.

The writer goes further in his letter by lashing out at the left for the comparison of Nazism and conservatism.

There is no mention from him that for past eight years the left where called Nazis at every turn and still are by conservatives.

President Obama was accused by conservatives and the Tea Party for turning the United States into Nazi Germany.

Unfortunately it looks like our political parties and ideologies are going to be constantly compared to Nazism like it or not.

He claims there is no connection between conservatives and Nazis.

Maybe Mr. Underwood should be telling that to the Nazis in America and not the left because American Nazis think they have found connections to current conservative policies and principles and candidates, which is why they have aligned with the American right-wing politically.

Mr. Underwood, like the conservatives he defends, has painted himself into a corner and now wants to blame the left for conservatives’ current predicament.