Single-payer health care means more freedom



Often, when you hear Republicans talk about single-payer health care, you will hear them talk about a forced government program that takes away freedom from patients.

This is false for several reasons, but alternatively, we can all vouch for what little freedom we actually have when dealing with unelected bureaucrats working at insurance companies.

Single-payer health care like the plan for Medicare-for-all means more freedom for everyone, not less.

Imagine your life if you could quit your job and start your own business and not have to worry about losing your health insurance for yourself or your family.

You could cut back your hours to spend more time with a new baby or even retire early without the fear of not being covered.

Maybe you wouldn’t be trapped in a job you hate just because of the benefits.

Not only would this give you more options and freedom in your life, but it would also be cheaper for businesses and for you. If we just copied Canada’s system of healthcare we would save at least $3,000 per person.

We currently spend the most per person for healthcare than every other country and we don’t even have universal coverage.

Someone is benefiting from this scam and it’s not us. I know you’ve heard about wait times in Canada, but have you tried to schedule a specialist in this country lately?

It could be several months if you’re lucky. Know anyone who’s waited at the emergency room?

In addition to giving workers more freedom and costing much less, single-payer healthcare with universal coverage is simply the right thing to do. No one should avoid getting the care they need to live a healthy life because of fear of the bill, not in the richest country in the world.