Supervisors take a knee



Rebersburg is blessed with two large flag poles.

One is at the Rebersburg Elementary School. Directly across the street at the Miles Township Veterans Memorial is another flag pole.

One might think that the flag would be flown the same at both poles but that would be faulty thinking.

The elementary school does a great job of displaying the flag properly, but ironically, at the troubled Miles Township Veterans Memorial, the folks responsible cannot seem to keep up. When the flag is supposed to be half-staff, such as after the Las Vegas tragedy, the unfortunate deaths of space heroes John Glenn and Eugene Cernan, the tragic anniversary of 9/11, etc., the elementary school gets it right but the flag directly across the street seems to ignore the facts.

The mistake would not be so blatantly obvious if the flags were not in such close proximity, but when driving along the street between them, the blunder is difficult to miss. I wonder what the many veterans listed on that memorial that served our flag think. Sadly, many can never answer that question.

Several times I have brought this discrepancy to the attention of the Miles Township supervisors, but the best explanation that I received was, “I don’t listen to the news, it is too depressing.” With that kind of attitude, maybe Gomer Pyle could do a better job of caring for the Veterans Memorial flag. After all, it is nearly elementary.