Thanksgiving tribute



I just want to take a moment to brag on the good people of Woolrich! Last Thursday morning (Nov. 9) I took my dog out for his usual walk. I had awakened feeling a little dizzy and shaky. We went as far as the middle of the road when I realized I was having trouble standing. We turned around and headed back to my yard. I no sooner got to the grass and I went down. I was trying to figure out how to get back into the house since I had thin clothes on and no coat or cell phone and it was 40 degrees.

I happened to look at the road and a beautiful white car had already stopped. The driver got out wearing a handsome three piece suit and came over to me. He started asking questions and here he was a doctor! The first car after I fell, what are the chances of that?

Unfortunately I didn’t get his name.

By my answers he determined that I needed an ambulance. He got out his cell phone after checking my pulse and such and called 911. Meanwhile another man that looked familiar but that I couldn’t place stopped and said he was coming to see him and was an EMT. A minute later there he was. I think his name was Matt.

He reached into a pocket and pulled out a “space age” blanket, it looked like foil and had no weight but it was warm.

I looked up at all the well-meaning faces. None of them seemed to be there to gawk. I felt like I was circled by love. The only person I actually knew, Chris Dwyer, said, “Karen, do you want me to take your dog into the house for you?” Which he did. No sooner did he do that then the ambulance pulled up. They just happened to be in the area when the call came in.

The EMTs bundled me up in the stretcher and put me into the ambulance. While they were checking me I looked out and was surprised to see a car I recognized. It was Pastor Tim Boger of Big Woods Bible Church.

My church!

He talked to me in the ambulance and I decided to go to Lock Haven Hospital. Years ago I hadn’t had such confidence in that hospital, but pastor assured me that those things were no longer true.

When I got into the emergency room, less than a half hour passed since I walked out my door. The ER was clean and well staffed with knowledgeable people. I felt confident that I was in good hands.

I had a lot of tests done and it was determined that I needed to stay. I was assigned an excellent doctor, D. Bharat Adroja, who was able to determine the reason for my spell. It seems the reason for it has something to do with a medication that I take that became too potent as I lost weight.

I would highly recommend going to Lock Haven Hospital with no apprehension, if you are in need of one.

The whole experience seemed to orchestrated by God and I thank people for listening to their hearts and helping me. Written with love.