Time to move forward


Lock Haven

In order to continue to grow and progress in society, it is important to take time to reflect on how effective you operate. It’s time that we as a community do so again. On Tuesday, Nov. 7, the general election will be held. This is when we as a community have the opportunity to evaluate our elected officials and decide who we want to represent and serve us for the next few years.

My wife, Michelle Crowell, has dedicated herself to serving the people of Clinton County through her involvement with numerous area organizations and her work as a county auditor.

She has the experience, intellect and knowledge to maintain fiscal stability in the Treasurer’s Office and help move the county forward in a positive direction.

I believe you should always vote for the person you believe will do the best job possible. It’s more about the person behind the name than the party. On Nov. 7, I ask that you help make Clinton County the best it can be and vote for Michelle Crowell, No. 1 on the ballot, for Clinton County treasurer.