Trump characteristics and slander of the left



In response to the letter from writer who said President Trump admits to being immature, combative, impulsive, vindictive, retaliatory, and most of all temperamentally unfit to be President. No, the President did not admit to those characteristics.

You simply attributed those traits to him, no doubt based on the constant dibbling of character assassination by Obama’s dark government, and a sore loser who accepts no responsibility. Hillary is constantly referenced by the liberal media. Hence no reply is necessary to your invalid statement.

On the other issue, nuclear war with North Korea. Well, if it occurs we can thank the last several presidential administrations starting with Bill Clinton, who allowed North Korea to become a nuclear power. The Clinton Administration gave North Korea a lot of money to cease their nuclear weapon and missile development and then did nothing when they took the money and immediately went back to weapon development. The Obama Administration just did nothing as the Korean nut job continued his weapon development. So here we are, North Korea may have nukes, and soon intercontinental missiles to put them on. President Trump has been in office 10 months and has inherited this serious problem from his predecessors.

The North Korea dictator keeps saying he will rain destruction on the U.S. and its allies. I assume some think we should just ignore it, just as Clinton, Bush, and Obama did.