Who’s making the decisions?



The Republicans’ tax bill moving in the Senate leaves a lot to be desired. Under this tax reform, who does well and who doesn’t?

The answer is the ultra wealthy win in this Senate tax bill and the rest of us will face hikes. An estimated 13 million Americans could lose health insurance coverage under this Senate bill, which could repeal Obamacare.

I also would like to bring up the subject of oil and gas drilling. In South Dakota there were 210,000 gallons of oil that leaked from the Keystone Pipeline, but it won’t affect the last regulatory hurdle that says state law does not allow pipeline safety to be a factor in decision-making. Recently there was an accidental spill from a gas well site into a tributary Loyalsock Creek that amounted to over 60,000 gallons, which ended up in Loyalsock Creek. Who are the care-keepers of the land we live on?

And then there is the Jersey Shore Area School District superintendent suggesting to close Avis and Salladasburg Elementary Schools.

We taxpayers paid millions of dollars over the years for these beautiful schools when they were built not really all that long ago.

Shut them down and crowd the students into the elementary school in Jersey Shore? Didn’t they just close Nippenose Valley Elementary School not too long ago?

I call this a case where no one is looking beyond the end of their nose.

As long as we the taxpayers pay the bills, including the school principal’s $116,441 salary and lavish wages to teachers as pre-arranged by school board-negotiated contracts for multiple years, we seem to have no say and no control.

We the taxpayers are supposed to work and pay any amount of taxes the school board decides.

To me and many others, this is dictatorial. The decisions made by those in control must be accountable, or our homes could be sold out from under us.