Big Brother Verizon will be watching you



On Dec. 14 of this year the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will hold a vote on the repealing of Net Neutrality. This Obama-era regulation, put into practice in 2015, forced companies such as Comcast and Verizon to treat all websites equally and not purposely slow down user internet speeds for various reasons, but this is all likely about to change.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has been increasingly destructive toward this regulation, stating that he favors the free market over Net Neutrality.

Although a free market is healthy to a moderate extent, this is simply nothing more than exchanging taxpayer freedom for corporate profit.

Repealing Net Neutrality would give Internet Service Providers (ISPs) — like the previously mentioned Comcast and Verizon — the ability to not only slow your internet speed on certain sites or put the sites behind a paywall, but they could go as far as blocking you from accessing certain sites entirely.

It would also give ISPs the ability to sell browsing data for commercial use, further tightening their potential grip over their users.

What this all means is that Verizon, for example, could charge you extra money per month for watching too much Netflix, slow your internet on competing sites or block you from accessing sites they themselves deem indecent.

In order to preserve the free and open internet we all enjoy and not be told what you can and can’t see by your ISP, please consider taking action and calling your congressmen or women, including your U.S. senator.

If you wish to take further action, there is a nationwide protest scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 7, at Verizon stores to expose that company’s millions of dollars in lobbying to repeal Net Neutrality.

Both Democrats and Republicans alike equally love the First Amendment, and it is time to remind the FCC — along with major ISPs like Verizon — that Americans have always fought for their rights.