Clinton County is very lucky


Lock Haven

You may have been following information about gerrymandering in the news. We are making news right here in Clinton County and I must tell you that we are very lucky to have the leaders we have in every single municipality.

I represent Fair Districts PA. This is a grassroots organization full of citizens like you and me across Pennsylvania. It is nonpartisan; we bring together Republicans and Democrats to speak out for a change in redistricting. We speak out to protect the value of each and every vote, no matter how you vote! My local group has been visiting our municipal leaders in all 29 municipalities!

We truly are making history! I just want to give the highest praise and thank you to our dedicated County Commissioners, who have helped to lead the way in this effort, and to every municipal leader who has signed the resolution for an independent citizens’ commission instead of a very biased political commission to redraw our districts after every census. Our local government is working as it should and I am grateful.

Thank you to all: Clinton County Commissioners Pete Smeltz, Jeff Snyder and Paul Conklin, along with Allison Township, Avis Borough, Bald Eagle Township, Beech Creek Borough, Beech Creek Township, Castanea Township, Chapman Township, Colebrook Township, Crawford Township, Dunnstable Township, East Keating Township, Flemington Borough, Gallagher Township, Greene Township, Grugan Township, Lamar Township, Leidy Township, Lock Haven City Council, Logan Township, Loganton Borough, Mill Hall Borough, Noyes Township, Pine Creek Township, Porter Township, Renovo Borough, South Renovo Borough, West Keating Township, Wayne Township, and Woodward Township.