Pay raise


Lock Haven

I should have waited another day to make my remark (Letter: Our leaders, Nov. 29) about the cost of living adjustment (COLA) our fearless leaders in Harrisburg get every year.

Had I waited, I could have added how I think this pay raise is a kick in the teeth to every man, woman, and child in this state.

These jokers think they deserve a pay raise while they can’t figure out how to pay for everything now.

These people want to throw another tax in our faces. This one will be on utilities. They refuse to downsize the government and get rid of some of the needless positions. There are many other ways to save money as well. Instead let’s slap the people with more taxes. We need to get rid of these career politicians, folks.

Please get out and vote. Many of these lawmakers are making six figures, plus all the other goodies, while many of our Pennsylvanians are losing their homes to taxes or not being able to buy meds or feed their families. Do I sound like I’m disgusted with the politicians?

We suffer and they live high on the hog.

Enough is enough. One last remark: I do know some donate their COLA’s to charities, which is commendable, but to me they don’t deserve a COLA to begin with. This COLA was voted in years ago BEHIND closed doors, in the middle of the night.