School uniforms



Having attended Catholic elementary and high schools, I wore school uniforms for 12 years. The benefits were obvious… parents invested in the number of uniforms that they could afford. There was no “competition” as far as the type of clothing that you wore or whether your parents could afford designer names. I will say that the emphasis was on education, participation and interaction with other students.

The last thing we thought about was what other students were wearing. School uniforms took the emphasis away from this part of attending school. We derived our self-esteem and expressed our individuality through studying to the best of our ability and participating in activities that interested us and gave us a sense of self-worth. It is a shame that anyone would attach self-esteem and individuality to wearing a uniform.

At least, wearing a uniform was an attempt to “level the playing field,” so to speak. I, personally, don’t know anyone whose psyche was damaged by wearing a uniform. I would say that it gave everyone a chance to shine, in their own way, and resulted in individual expression as a way of “standing out in the crowd.” It seems that the benefits would far outweigh the negative effects.