An alternative to Glenn Thompson


State College

Our government is supposed to be “Of the people, for the people and by the people.”

Pennsylvania 5th District U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson believes he works “of, for and by” the billionaire owners of big corporations.

Thompson does not listen to people who: 1. Work for less than a living wage; 2. Cannot afford the cost of healthcare and health insurance; 3. Have children attending underfunded public schools; 4. Battle opioid addiction; 5. Demand our government address the urgent problem of climate change.

We the people of the 5th District have a fantastic opportunity this year. Marc Friedenberg is running for Congress against Glenn Thompson. Marc is a Pennsylvania native, a graduate of Columbia Law School and Penn State, where he now teaches.

A proud father who sees education as key to success, Marc supports public schools. Based on knowledge of science and the dangers of climate change, he advocates for action to address this serious problem.

He promotes access to health care for all, addressing the deadly opioid addiction epidemic, and raising the minimum wage to a living wage.

Marc Friedenberg is traveling to all 16 counties in our district to hear what the people have to say. Marc wants to represent you, the people of the 5th District, not a small group of billionaires who selfishly want to control how Congress votes.

Get to know Marc Friedenberg. In November, vote as is your life depended upon it, because in fact it does.