Applause, Applause!

Each Saturday, The Express community newspaper highlights people, groups and activities our readers deem worthy of applause.

I wish to THANK all of the people involved with my celebration of 47 years as supervisor of Woodward Township. Thanks to all the Dunnstown Fire Co. for the use of their building and personnel and the ladies of the Swissdale Church who presented the food. Thank you to the County Commissioners, Mike Hanna, Glenn Thompson, and Joseph Scarnatti for their recognition of service. The Township monthly news for their Hall of Fame recognition, and the Lock Haven Express for their coverage. Most of all, the township supervisors and township secretary for prepring the celebration. To all the people of Woodward Township, who have made my years productive and made me many friends. If I have forgotten anyone, please forgive. I certainly appreciate everyone. Thank you.

— Clyde Glossner

Once again, Pine Mountain Auto Repair has proved to be this little old lady’s hero. Ken not only added air to my tires as needed, but went the extra mile and re-programmed my totated rires. Something I ever heard of, but it makes sense –even to me. Again, no charge and again my sincere THANKS and appreciation. Hope you enjoyed the cookies. My 21-year old grandson delights in telling, “My Gram tips in cookies.” I guess he’s right. Thanks Ken.

— Jane Reed, Avis

About two weeks ago – the day it was nice outside – a lady who was behind me in the checkout line at Dollar Tree paid my bill. I was so astounded. I couldn’t get the words out to say anything. But I certainly APPRECIATE the act of kindness. I will pay her generosity forward. God bless you … whoever you are.

— Donna Mitchell

A big THANK YOU to Butter Miller and his daughter, Sadie, for their help at all times, and to Rob Bowman and Zach Williamson who plow and shovel snow so I can get out!

— Maureen Cartner


If you would like to make a nomination for our weekly Saturday morning round of “Applause” for someone or some group for doing something special, send your nomination to the editor at or by mail at The Express, P.O. Box 208, Lock Haven, Pa. 17745.