Can you afford them?



In response to Mr. Weldon Cohick’s Jan. 12 letter to the editor in The Express, “A border wall is insane,” I ask that you give serious thought to a question or two.

Where are you going to put them, Mr. Cohick?

Followed by, are you prepared to feed, clothe and provide medical care for all these people who illegally cross our border?

If you want them, you care for them.

I am too broke to do so anymore.

Maybe you should check the dictionary for illegal, it means not legal. Estimates say President Trump’s wall will cost each American $20 per year and $30 per year for illegals.

Are you prepared for this?

If so, I will personally put up a sign from Texas to your house so they will not get lost. I know the way! If the pope has a 40-foot-high wall around the Vatican, it would be reasonable to have a wall along our southern border. If people on the other side of our wall want in, let them do so legally and follow the rules, not simply ignore them.

If in my daily journeys I come across an illegal, I will help you meet them.

You can make up your sofa for them and give them a bedtime snack. Think, Mr. Cohick, how much more can you afford in yearly taxes to support illegal aliens?

Our taxes are ridiculous because of stupid people doing stupid stuff already.

Are you not sick of it? We have people born here doing without the basics and you want more illegals. National taxes are caring for them and we have homeless people.

Use common sense man! We should be caring for our homeless veterans, not feeding more illegals.

Oh I know the answer! Churches can feed them. Check out your local church, the attendance is way down.

Churches can hardly keep their doors open.

We need the wall, not more illegal people! The wall is not stupid, it makes sense.