Chronic wasting disease


Lock Haven

So, I’m just wondering when Harrisburg, the Legislature, is going to get off its butt and start being more proactive in relation to CWD – chronic wasting disease?

It has already been detected in southern Pennsylvania, and now it’s out around Clearfield.

I think we would be naive to think it is not already more widely dispersed.

Hunting is a billion dollar business in Pennsylvania.

Are we going to wait till we are like Wisconsin?

It is estimated that Wisconsin’s herd is already 30 percent to 40 percent infected.

This disease was caused by man, by the way.

We are also helping to promote it. Keep feeding the deer people and it may get to the point that you get to see one of these infect animals walking in your back yard.

One way CWD is spread is through transmission at feeding locations just like mange in the bear population.

Drop boxes have been located in and around the known infected areas. Hunters can deposit deer heads in these boxes so that they can be tested.

Why don’t we have these drop boxes located in northcentral Pennsylvania?

Why are we not being more proactive?

Oh, wait, they think they have a handle on it.

Are you kidding me?

We are also being told there is no deer to human transmission. Really? They know this for sure?

How many of us have already, unknowingly, eaten an infected deer? If you are at all concerned about this then you should be making a phone call to your local representative.

This disease affects more than just the hunters. It affects the entire outdoor industry, hikers, campers, sightseers, etc.

But more importantly it affects the deer. We have once again managed to screw with the natural balance of things and relatively speaking, we are doing very little about it.

Don’t blow this off people. It may not be very high on your priority list but it is very important. By the way, I hope the states around Pennsylvania are paying attention.