For some years now, I have been very concerned with the deteriorating, abandoned property owned by the City of Lock Haven that is situated in Greene Township on the Pine Loganton Road.

It is an eyesore, but more than that it is a public hazard and quite unsafe.

When I brought this to the attention of the Clinton County commissioners and the City of Lock Haven years ago, I thought it would have been addressed.

But nothing has been done. Now I hear the Sugar Valley Volunteer Fire Co. wanted to use it as a training area for firefighters throughout the county and have a controlled burn to teach and train. This would benefit all area fire companies and finally get rid of this unsafe structure. However, I understand the City of Lock Haven has put on stipulations requiring the fire companies to clean up and remove any debris after the exercise. Where is the responsibility of the City of Lock Haven in all of this?

Is this really the volunteer fire company’s job?

Is this not the responsibility of the City of Lock Haven? After all, the city took over the land that was once farms and homes in the area and made the Rosecrans Reservoir for the benefit of Lock Haven taking away tax revenue for Greene Township and hunting and fishing areas for residents.

And the one lovely home they kept to house their city manager and his family has now been long abandoned and is in total disrepair. So, with a solution given them, again the officials look for what they can get others to do for them when this is the City of Lock Haven’s problem.

This building should have been taken care of years ago. If this building were in Lock Haven you would not allow it to be abandoned and fall into ruin. I would like to see a public response to this from the Clinton County commissioners and the Lock Haven City Authority.

What is going to be done?