Fund CHIP!


Mill Hall

In Pennsylvania, over 180,000 children rely on the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for their health coverage. CHIP’s funding expired this past September, and our dysfunctional Congress has failed time and again to reauthorize the program even though the CBO estimates that extending the program will reduce (yes, reduce!) the deficit. In December, the program was given a short-term reprieve but is set – once again- to expire in a few months.

As a financially strapped single parent of two young children in the 1990s, I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I was for the certain knowledge that my children were covered under the Pennsylvania CHIP.

Families across the state right now are left in limbo not knowing whether their children will lose their coverage in the near future.

Call your U.S. Senator today and tell them you care about Pennsylvania’s kids and ask them to take action to reauthorize CHIP. Sen. Pat Toomey: 202-224-4254; Sen. Bob Casey: 202-224-6324.