Genius president


Cogan Station

After reading a recent article about Frederick Douglass, I remembered that our self-proclaimed “genius president” told us that “Frederick Douglass is doing really good things.”

I’m sure somebody told the genius that Frederick Douglass died in 1895.

But it is nice to see that so many people who voted for the genius, after a year in office, see that they made a huge mistake.

I will not repeat what he said at the immigration meeting, but his press secretary said, “He used tough talk.”

But when it came time to admit the words he used, he wasn’t so tough. He did what he does best and lied.

He lies so much that it is starting to rub off onto a couple of people who were in the room and heard what he said.

If his approval rating gets any lower, maybe we should just build a wall around him. It would be a lot cheaper.

Oh, I forget, Mexico is going to pay for it for $20 billion, you could hire border agents and put one every 25 yards. There are still a lot of diehards though.

I mean, if President Trump said he saw a 12-foot-tall rabbit on the White House lawn, the lilleys and ardells would be organizing a bus trip to Washington hoping to catch a glimpse.

The way I heard it put best was, “There were two kinds of people who voted for Trump: The highly uninformed and those willing to risk there kids’ futures just to take part in a political temper tantrum.”