I swear



The uproar over a curse word used by the President of the United States. It has become downright comical. Our President makes another remark and it is dominating our news cycle. People are appalled … or are not. Some heard him say it, others did not. The Senate even went so far as to bring it up in the hearings it conducted.

Is any one even shocked or surprise if he did say it? I don’t think so.

It became even more comical when the White House reported he said “house” not “hole,” as though it is going to make the curse word better. One person in the comment section even went so far as to look up the definition of the curse word and then post it in the comment section to the letters to the editor, as though that makes it’s usage better. But people are missing the irony. President Trump is reported to have said that he prefers to have people from Norway to immigrate here instead of from Haiti or Africa. Norway is a type of democracy that has socialism. So Republicans are for more democratic socialists immigrating to America. Could not agree more that we need more democratic socialist in America. I did not know Republicans were for it too.

One Trump supporter wrote that, at the American Legion, they talk like Trump does. He is sure that he could have a beer with President Trump.

Well, seeing how President Trump spends a lot of time at his golf courses – Mar-a-Lago among them – and he does not drink alcohol, I don’t think President Trump is up for it, but you can dream.

President Trump is like an average guy? Even he does not think that. After all, he talks real good and knows a lot of big words.

He is like a really smart person, a genius. Just ask anyone but a Democrat. He even went to the very best schools.

Average he is not. I mean his lawyer allegedly paid for a famous porn star’s silence about her affair with Donald Trump before he threw his hat in the ring for President of the United Sates. It is amazing how much tolerance conservatives have for their leaders in politics, in business and in religion, but yet they have zero tolerance for liberals and their leaders.