Smart ideas for all



In response to the recent letter to the editor by Weldon Cohick Jr. about the taxpayers footing the bill for county prison inmates.

I agree with him that we should not be paying the bill. Why should taxpayers be responsible for this huge bill?

I just looked up the total cost for imprisonment and it’s estimated at a whopping $182 billion per year nationally.

How is this for an idea: Make it self-sustaining!

Bring back the American jobs that we shipped overseas, the ones no one wants to do, and turn prisons into factories that produce revenue rather than drain revenue.

Make imprisonment profitable for the people who have to pay for it. Put money aside for a salary for eligible prisoners so when they get out they would have money (and a skill) to make new start.

Why should we care? Because more than 40 percent of inmates go back to prison.

So if a large percent would not go back to prison, that would be moving in the right direction.

And wow, what a tax break for us – not to mention a higher percentage of ex-cons would be rehabilitated and that means less crime.

That’s an idea for all!