We can’t run from problems


Mill Hall

My name is Keith Dauberman and I’m really upset with the way county government is always putting things in the newspaper about how well they are spending our money and placing themselves on a pedestal.

They need to worry about the more important things, like providing better treatment facilities for people who really need the help.

The local probation office and county jail would be a good place to start. I’ve seen and heard so much, especially about my friend who recently died at the Clinton County prison. Did he get the medical attention he needed while in the prison?

I’m writing to expressing my feelings because I believe people are not doing their jobs the way they should. It is my constitutional right to say what I think and I will continue to express myself. People, if there are problems, those problems need to be exposed so to make our place a better community and a safer place to live.

Government officials and those in charge need to be transparent about their decisions and actions. We cannot run or hide from real problems. None of us are perfect, but all people need to be treated fairly.