A problem with the post office


Mill Hall

I wonder if anyone else is having the problem with the Post Office that I am?

In the last two months, I have received in my mailbox eight letters or magazines that are not addressed to me.

In this same period of time, a special magazine, a letter containing money and at least five letters have not been delivered to me.

One package from England went to someone else and she kindly delivered it to me because she knew me.

This is frowned on by the Post Office.

I was told under no circumstances should I do this, and don’t put it in the post boxes down the street. I was to put it in my mailbox so the carrier knew it was delivered to the wrong address.

I cannot afford to certify all of my mail so it gets to the right address, and neither can my family in England since they are old-age pensioners!

If you are having a similar problem, don’t just ignore it. Contact the Post Office in Lock Haven and ask for Dawn.