Common sense is NOT common


Cogan Station

This is to support all who work out in the elements everyday.

No offense to those who work everyday inside a warm, dry climate-controlled environment and put there heart into everyday grind. This is to broaden the horizon of the ignorance. Stop giving the people who service your life everyday, problems.

When your garbage man doesn’t put your garbage can back all way behind your house in a foot of snow or snap your lid back tight, just think about this, on average they start about 2 a.m. and will pick up about five tons of garage each day, all by hand. He’s not worried about little Kenny’s lid.

Your plow man is out there risking his life for a 20-hour day while it’s snowing and raining all day and night. Also, don’t wish to be called a day before a storm and asked when he’s going to show up to service you.

Don’t call them to ask what weather’s coming either. Their not God; they don’t know. Do what they do and watch the weather forecast. Educate yourself like they do and you’ll get the same information they have.

People, stop thinking you’re the only person the working man has to service each day and just let us do our job. If anyone has taken offense to this message, take a long hard look at yourself because I’m trying to speak to you.