Courts holding our elected officials as political hostages


Lock Haven

In the wake of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s release of a new Congressional District map in an unconstitutional move that abuses the judicial power they are granted, I call for a recognition of this move by Pennsylvania voters as unconstitutional or, to be more clear, highly illegal.

I would also implore our Pennsylvania legislative branch and legal counsel at the state level to fight this high level of corruption without hesitation.

This is a political hostage situation in which our representatives – voted into office by “we the people” – are being held in limbo by a power that has no jurisdiction over the redistricting process.

The men and women who we voted to represent our districts are being played as pawns by an activist court.

We are to blame, Pennsylvanians, because we did not pay attention when these judges were voted into power without the basic intent of upholding the constitution and justice.

There is hope: We can appeal to yet a higher power.

May justice truly be done, and may the elections-to-come be approached with more wisdom and less apathy.