Glenn Thompson distorts gun issue for political gain


State College

Upon hearing the news of yet another school shooting, I called my congressman, U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson. As a mother, middle school teacher, and taxpayer, I wanted to know what he was doing to protect our children.

Michael Glazer, Glenn Thompson’s district representative, answered my call. I requested that he not simply echo the party platform; I wanted to know what tangible, concrete policies Glenn Thompson supported to address the issue of gun violence in our schools.

How many children have to die before Republicans will stop accepting the blood money of the NRA? Who had to be shot or killed before the congressman saw fit to do something to protect the people, the children, of our country?

Sadly, Thompson’s aide told me my questions were foolish. Foolish.

In their view, it’s foolish for parents and teachers to expect our children to be safe at school, that they be able fulfill the potential of their abilities and their dreams? Foolish?

We are no longer safe in our schools, movie theaters, churches, malls, nightclubs, concerts and political events. Yet it’s foolish to ask why our legislators choose policies that empower shooters, not their constituents. It’s foolish to demand an end to the inertia that has enabled the senseless loss of life in this country? Foolish?

The safety and well-being of our children is not a foolish concern.

We will no longer allow politicians such as Glenn Thompson to twist or distort this issue to their own political and financial gain. We will vote against you. We will stand for those who have been gunned down. We will speak for those who were silenced.

Save your prayers for yourself. Pray for the forgiveness you need for doing nothing!