How much do we love our children?



It has happened again.

Our children are murdered at their school.

What a surprise.

The blame lies at the feet of many, first and foremost the NRA, which uses its agenda to tell legitimate hunters and sportsmen that they will lose their 2nd Amendment rights.

What they do is buy our politicians and make our system of democracy something that they want to control.

No one in this country except the military and the police should own assault rifles and bump stocks. These guns are only used to kill people.

We need a viable gun registry.

We as citizens are also to blame; many of us don’t vote, many forget after a disaster or give up trying to change things. At the top of the list right next to the NRA is our president: an inept, incompetent and morally corrupt man who spends his time attacking Congress, the FBI and anyone who is not a white rich man. There are good politicians of both parties and good citizens of all ages who don’t want this to happen.

As for the mentally challenged in our country, they get blamed for this when most of them would never hurt anyone. Throwing money at this problem will not help unless Americans stand up and start looking realistically at this.