Misogyny in print


Portland, Ore.

It’s hard to pick a place to begin in response to Weldon C. Cohick Jr.’s horribly misguided misogyny that was published in hard newsprint and delivered to thousands of readers.

As a woman who has worked very hard in this world to get ahead, it’s really deflating to see these types of editorial decisions occur – that is, a decision to print something so blatantly wrong and offensive, even if it is one person’s opinion.

Our world has progressed immensely beyond Mr. Cohick’s sadly outdated world view. Women contribute above and beyond in the world.

Here on the left coast, where I now reside, many of my female friends bring home much more money than their boyfriends or husbands.

They’ve become the breadwinners. Women, minorities, and those who identify as LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Questioning) are entering military ranks at greater numbers and contributing to the world in ways that Mr. Cohick clearly does not understand.

But sadly this sentiment that still exists: The ignorant belief women are inferior humans. Such beliefs only weigh us down and holds us back as an intelligent society.

I yearn for the day when such blatant, ignorant misogyny doesn’t see the light of day any longer.

It should be regarded as much a moral violation as white supremacy and Nazism.

To The Express, and any other publications out there, I urge you to think before printing such ignorance.

No, we shouldn’t censor the media, but we should use valuable print space for more intelligent opinions.

Blatant misogyny doesn’t deserve anymore life. By printing, it only gives it to it and what’s worse, possibly connects people with shared hatred.