Natural gas impact tax working



The Jan. 30 opinion piece by Matthew Brouillette of Commonwealth Partners — “Two Truths and a Lie: Harrisburg Edition” — accurately provides readers with the facts regarding Pennsylvania’s tax on natural gas development. This tax — called the impact fee — has generated more than $1.5 billion, with more on the way, in new revenue for the Commonwealth.

Importantly, impact tax revenues directly benefit all 67 counties — regardless of drilling activity. Since 2012, more than $650 million in natural gas impact tax revenues have been invested in communities across the state. What’s more, $390 million has been invested in statewide environmental and conservation initiatives. Across the Commonwealth, communities are relying on this key revenue source to improve roads and bridges, build new parks, and strengthen first-responder services, to name a few.

The good news is Clinton County is no exception. In fact, with more than $8 million in natural gas tax revenues from the impact tax, local boroughs and townships throughout Clinton County have renovated the Avis Borough Park, funded environmental initiatives, and improved local roads and bridges, to name a few, of the many projects.

So the next time you hear the natural gas industry in Pennsylvania “doesn’t pay its fair share,” you know the truth. Putting politics before hard-working Pennsylvan-ians puts local projects at risk. As lawmakers work to tackle challenges this year, they should look toward commonsense, pro-growth policies — not punitive, additional and higher taxes taking funds away from local communities that deserve it.

The natural gas industry is committed to growing local economies all across the Commonwealth by creating jobs, encouraging investment and keeping taxes to a minimum.