No thoughts, no prayers


Lock Haven

Okay, a message to all our lawmakers, politicians, and elected leaders: Just shut up. Enough already. Just shut up.

We’ve just had another tragic shooting, and I’m not even going to bother to count how many this makes this year. Any number I write would be outdated by the time I’m finished writing this, anyway– it’s an uncommon day when we don’t have gun violence anymore. We, the American people, are dying. We’re hurt and afraid, and we’re sick of it. We want you, our elected officials, to do something about it.

It’s very much a multi-faceted problem, I get that. Is it a gun problem? Then do something about guns. Is it a mental health problem? Then do something about mental health. But for crying out loud, do SOMETHING already.

Do something. Don’t SAY something. Don’t run to Twitter. Don’t hold a press conference. Don’t issue a statement. Because we’ve heard it all before. You have nothing new to say, and we’re tired of it.

Don’t tell us your thoughts and prayers are with us. We don’t care. Because, and I never thought I’d have to explain this, your thoughts and prayers aren’t accomplishing a damn thing. Do something. Help us.

As of the most recent shooting, most of you seem to realize how useless your thoughts and prayers are. But you’re still not doing anything. Most of you seem to have leaped into action, run for the thesaurus, and looked up some other way to phrase “thoughts and prayers.”

It’s useless. Stop being useless. Last night, I went and re-watched the BoJack Horseman episode “Thoughts And Prayers” because every article I read about the shooting referenced it. In the episode, mass shootings are happening every couple of minutes, and people continue to glorify gun violence while murmuring “thoughts and prayers” uselessly. The episode looks at causes of the problem, while revealing the hypocrisy of our society.

Are you getting this, lawmakers? A freaking CARTOON is doing a better job of examining the situation than you are.

Your thoughts and prayers are useless. So are your condolences, sympathies, or any other way you might find to express this concept. Stop saying things. Enough useless platitudes. Do something.

Draft better gun laws. Allocate more money for mental health training. Refuse to take any NRA donations. Practically anything is better than the way you’re handling this now.

Just do something.

And if you’re not going to do something, then at least shut up.