Our congressman and the NRA



I share the anger and anguish of Emma Gonzalez, Cameron Casky and other child survivors of the most recent school shooting in Florida. But I feel a glimmer of hope that this time it might finally have some effect in reducing access to guns by kids like Nikolas Cruz.

The biggest obstacle is the NRA, which is just a lobbying organization for the gun industry. It claims to defend the second amendment, but that’s just marketing – its real goal is to sell more weapons.

But the NRA would be ineffective without the politicians it has bought, such as U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson. According to PennLive.com, Thompson has received $9,500 in contributions from the NRA. This may not seem like much, but they don’t need to pay much for someone whose seat is so safe. He boasts of his “A” rating from the NRA. He’s said gun rights should be expanded (how do you expand what’s already a total right?) He’s for a national cross-state standard for concealed carry (states with weaker gun laws would prevail). Not once since the shooting has he made any public comment about it.

I’d challenge Thompson to refuse any additional NRA contributions and to work toward making it more difficult for people who shouldn’t have guns to get them.

But he won’t change. He’s been there too long and doesn’t feel the need.

But we do. The NRA must be defeated, or our school children will keep dying. Vote for anyone but Thompson. He’s done.