Questions for school boards



In the wake of the Parkland, Fla., school massacre, school boards all over the country are discussing safety measures including arming teachers. These discussions should deal with an exhaustive list of of questions. NBC’s Chuck Todd has listed some of the questions boards should be asking:

What type of guns would teacher carry?

Who pays for the guns?

Who trains the teachers to use the guns?

How much more do teachers with gun make more than teachers without guns?

How much ammo per teacher?

Do all teachers know which of the teachers are carrying?

Do all the students know which teachers are carrying?

Where are the guns stored?

Does each classroom have a safe?

Who knows the code to the gun safe besides the teacher?

What happens to the gun overnight?

Would schools need 24/7/365 security to protect their guns?

Is this just for high schools?

What about elementary schools?

What about pre-schools?

Will armed teachers be present on field trips, at after school activities, at field events, at sports games and practices, at school recitals, at school plays?

Can a teacher have his or her concealed carry status revoked because he or she has disciplinary problems?

Will parents hae to sign waivers if their kids are accidentally shot by a gun carrying teacher?

Can we rely on teacher to be able to shoot one of their colleague if they “lose it?”

Can we rely on teachers to shoot one of their own students?

There are many more questions that school boards need to ask and answer as they discuss the possibility of arming teachers. This is just a start.