Redraw court-ordered district maps


State College

The state Supreme Court said it expects new Congressional districts to be in place by Feb. 19, and in play for the May 15 Congressional primaries. Unfortunately, our elected officials don’t seem to have gotten the message.

They ignore the court order and they ignore the will of their own constituents!

The Republican-controlled state Legislature must submit a redrawn congressional map to Gov. Tom Wolf by the end of today as per court order. So what progress has been made?

Senate Republican Leader Jake Corman says he’s had “zero” discussions with legislative leaders about new district boundaries, can’t guarantee he will meet the deadline, and doesn’t know whether House Republican leaders are interested in drawing a new map!

Meanwhile, Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati and House Speaker Mike Turzai say they “may be compelled to pursue further legal action in federal court.”

Pennsylvania voters have ZERO tolerance for their continued stonewalling! It’s time to give Senators Corman and Scarnati and Representative Turzai a piece of our mind.

Flood your representatives with postcards and phone calls demanding fair districts. Their behavior points to why we still need permanent reform with SB22 and HB722 to create an Independent Citizen’s Commission and remove legislators from the process altogether.

JAKE CORMAN: (717) 787-1377

Fax: (717) 772-3146

JOE SCARNATI: 717-787-7084

Fax: 717-772-2755

MIKE TURZAI: (717) 772-9943